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Mistakes are actually just Embarrassing Learning Opportunities

If you’re viewing this blog, I’m sure you’ve noticed that there’s a huge time skip in my blog posts. There’s a reason for that. Forgive me while I backtrack. You see, before August 2012, I was a young, graduated graphic designer toiling her hours away at Walmart. In that day and age, I set myself up with a website,, as the basis for my portfolio site, and built this blog into the back of it. The WordPress/Godaddy combo was amazing… or so I thought. A year ago (literally, a year) I scored my dream design job! Woo hoo! Go me!

And then I realized that, even though I like design enough to stick with it as a present chapter of my life, my ultimate passion is writing. I had been working on a novel that I finished back in February, pushing through wave after wave of edits all summer (sometimes total chapter guts).

During this time, my student loan company dropped a bomb on me, landing me with a new monthly payment that strapped me so tightly that I couldn’t keep my website going. I shrugged. “What the hell,” I told myself. “I got my design job; I don’t actually need it anymore.”


I went to start blogging again, and since my website was now down, I pulled this one back out. Only now, I discovered that the two weren’t actually linked. Anything I had written it that blog was gone. I tried to access my account through the back end, only to discover that there was no trace left of the site I built. Nothing. It’s like icy daggers in my heart, like losing your cell phone or car keys.

I’m finding pretty quickly that mistakes happen, and the best way to deal with them is to accept it, learn from it, and move on. Maybe I will try to rewrite pertinent posts; I need to shake the doubt that the second time I write it won’t be as good as the first.

This month, I also learned that I shouldn’t use book specific jargon in a pitch without explaining it(even if you think the word Mythian is self explanatory in context. I know, fail). And today, I learned that you’re not supposed to write queries in Main Character perspective. Oops. Guilty.

But then you live and learn and then get Luvs, right? Hehe. Ad joke. Sorry.

To be completely honest and a little serious here, mistakes seem to be part of the process. I used to be terrified of mistakes: researching anything and everything about a topic, reading and rereading an early entry just to send it in at the last second, terrified that I might get something wrong.

Well, good news and bad news. No matter how much research and advice you get or how many times to write and rewrite, if it’s your first time doing anything, odds are something will be wrong. But on the up side, mistakes aren’t a kill all. It might cost you a few contests and queries, but you can only get better from there. The point is to learn from your mistakes. And keep a shining attitude.


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