Pimp My Bio – cake is not a lie

Okay, so, better late than never. The end of November, complete with a string of migraines, has been a whirlwind for me. But here it is – Pimp My Bio!

By now, some, if not most, of the mentors have already selected their mentees. If you don’t know what Pitch Wars is, you’re probably not around the writing circles of Twitter. In that case, you should be logging into Twitter and following the ever-wonderful Brenda Drake (who is also a secret Google ninja assassin).

The mentors themselves had a chance to plead their cases on why they should be our mentors. So now it’s the potential mentees who get to tell the mentors why they should pick them. So, now I present my list:

1. Gamers Unite! I’ll be your World of Warcraft healer if you’ll help me bind my book’s wounds. I will be your Water Temple dungeon guide and teach you how to slay Anduin. And if you’re really craving some competition in Mario Kart or Dr. Mario, I’m your gal. Trust me though, you don’t want me on your FPS team. Seriously, I’ll be stuck in a corner somewhere with my gun pointing at the ceiling.

2. I will Nerd-out with you. Zelda & Warcraft? X-Men & Batman? How about Harry Potter & Mortal Instruments? Anime, manga, and all the things Japanese? Korean? I will fill your nerdy void! Just name your topic and from my mouth will spew a plethora of fangasm.  I like all kinds of fantasy, Asian cultures, cosplay, video games, comic books, and the oxford comma. Seriously, I do.

3. ALL THE KOREAN POP MUSIC! I can give you some awesome song suggestions. Seriously, if you want some fun music to listen to while writing, I highly recommend Kpop. Not knowing the Korean lyrics is actually a good thing. For one, you don’t need to know the lyrics to feel what the song is about. It’s like classical, except… not. It allows you to focus on writing your scenes without a singer putting words into your head.

4. ALL THE CAT PICTURES! Do you have an adorable kitty? I want to see! I have a kitty too! I will show you! Weeeeeeeeeeee! Cuteness abounds! I can’t post any pictures right now, though, because my laptop is dead and I’m writing this from my boyfriend’s work laptop. When I first wrote that last line, I wrote “work boyfriend’s laptop.” That could have been awkward. But, yes, cats! If you haven’t been to my about tab, you’ll find my lovely Jaden there. ^_^

5.  As a graphic designer, I have thick hide (+100 dexterity and strength) from countless projects verbally torn apart in front of me. I understand that second opinions are often the necessary to spark that bigger and better idea. Sometimes “Killing your baby” (Yes, that’s what we called it in design school, however morbid it sounds) is essential if it means sewing a frankenstein that encompasses your vision better than you could have thought alone.

And if that wasn’t enough, my twin sister has her own cake business. I can get you cake! Lots of delicious cake!

So pick me, mentor – the cake is not a lie!


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