Introducing Kpop

My last post gave me an idea.

I mentioned in my Pitch Wars Bio that I have an exorbitant amount of Korean Pop music to inspire any writer. Well, why not do a blog post series? If you haven’t read that post, here is the reiteration:

“Not knowing the Korean lyrics is actually a good thing. For one, you don’t need to know the lyrics to feel what the song is about. It’s like classical, except… not. It allows you to focus on writing your scenes without a singer putting words into your head.”

So, that’s what I’m going to do, starting with the ever popular G-Dragon and his most recent song “Crooked.”

Leave your conceptions about pop music at the door – Korean Pop music (Kpop) is not like American pop music. Kpop artists range in genre from ballads to rap to electronic to rock, and some groups have multiple genres even in their own groups. Take G-Dragon, for instance. He’s know for his crazy antics and his ability to both rap and sing. He’s also a group member of a Kpop group called BIG BANG.

Within BIG BANG is T.O.P (I’m sure you’ve noticed by now that they like to use nicknames. A smart choice for companies who see their stars going internationally). T.O.P has a deep, smoky rap voice. I’m not kidding. Most people I introduce to Kpop cant believe the tone that comes out of him. Also in BIG BANG are DaeSung who has a powerful ballad voice, and Sungri who is also a singer. Then last, but not least, is Taeyang who has a soulful singing voice but is also adequate at rap.

If you pair G-D and T.O.P (or Taeyang) for a duet (“Baby Goodnight” or “Turn it Up”), you’ll get some pretty good rap, coupled with some very good singing (and I hate American rap). In songs where Daesung is the vocal lead  (“Love Song” or “Wings”), you get beautiful melodic music that may have some hints of heavier stuff in the background.

This post has gone on way too long, so I’ll save my run-down on G-D’s “Crooked” for my next post. I’m sure my explanation on the diversity of Kpop hardly did the genre justice, so I suggest to give it a listen. For BIGBANG, I suggest you start with Fantastic Baby (electronic/rap/melodic), Bad Boy (hiphop,melodic), Love Song (melodic with some hiphop), T.O.P’s Turn it Up (rap).



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