Crooked for your crazy broken heart

Okay, so now that I’ve done the introduction (if you haven’t read it yet, click back a post) I can kick this series off with G-Dragon’s Crooked.

Don’t watch the video, just listen to the song first. Go on, I’ll wait.

What does it make you think of when you listen to it? It’s upbeat, but there’s a hint of something more underneath. Can you hear/ feel it? It sounds like it should be a party anthem, but the way the refrain is done in a choppy manner and ends in a downward run of notes gives it a hopeless feeling.

Now watch the video. It looks like some punk kid trying to start trouble, losing himself in clubs, picking fights with people on the street. Keep going to the end. What do you see? Exactly. I admit I tear up at the end of the video every time.

In english, the second half of the refrain is this:

Leave me alone
I was alone anyway
I have no one, everything is meaningless
Take away the sugar-coated comfort
Tonight, I’ll be crooked

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The song is about losing someone and going nuts on a binge of troublesome activity to fill that void, but it’s still there, eating you alive.

Recommended scenes: Your MC suffers a devastating heartbreak and has no way to contain his/her feelings. The MC proceeds in a downward spiral of unhealthy activity to cope with a loss or a devastating event. I think of Will Herondale when I listen to this. Got a menacing character with a tragic past? This song’s for them.

Other noteworthy lyrics – second verse:

I’ll put on thick eyeliner, use a whole can of hairspray
Leather pants, leather jacket with a frown
I want to hide my pain and become even more crooked
So you can feel sorry, I’ll spit toward the sky
You’re scared of my crude words and my rough eyes
But actually, I’m afraid, I want to go back but I have nowhere to go
I want to love but no one to love, what am I supposed to do?
I can’t turn it back

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Feel free to use this song for your desperate scenes of heartache. Happy writing!


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