No Other for your sweet love

Here’s installment #2 of my Kpop for Writers series: Super Junior’s No Other.

I classify Kpop artists into three categories: you have Kpop with rock (bands like C.N. Blue), Kpop with Hiphop (groups like B.A.P, BigBang, Beast), and straight pop groups. Super Junior would be considered a straight pop group. Every single member is a singer –  no one raps (except Eunhyuk on occasion, but it’s so light, it’s hardly considered rap), and no one plays instruments. They all sing, and they all have beautiful voices on their own. Super Junior is your quint-essential boyband.

One of the cool things about Super Junior (SuJu for short) is their subgroups. Some Kpop groups will have members break off to do other things under a different name. SuJu, for instance, has, most notably, Super Junior M (Mandarin), who put out Chinese music and K.R.Y (stands for the three members KyuHyun, Ryowook, and Yesung – the three most swoon-worthy voices from SuJu) who do really powerful ballads. Yeah, that was a really long, choppy sentence, so I hope you’re still with me.


Yesung – add some black glasses, and that’s my character, Hazel, dead on.

The other cool thing about Super Junior is that they have twelve members. Yep, twelve. Their numbers have dwindled some due to two serving in the military (it’s mandatory over there) and one dropped to do acting. I was immediately sucked into Super Junior because of one member: Yesung. Not only does he have the most gorgeous voice ever (seriously, youtube him – his nickname, Yesung, means art-like voice), but the moment I saw him, my jaw dropped, and I blurted out loud to an empty room: “Holy SH**, it’s Hazel!” Yes, Yesung is exactly how I pictured my secondary main character if you just put a pair of glasses on him (and those photos do exist, ladies and gents – chyeah Google!).

Okay, so enough about SuJu (and Yesung) – I brought you here for music! I now present you with Super Junior’s “No Other.”

If you don’t watch the video, you can already tell by the music that it’s dripping with a sickening sweetness. There’s something pleasant about how the lyrics roll off their voices, like the feeling you get when someone you love surprises you, or a phone call from a friend you’ve long lost touch with.

We arrived on the same road, we’re just the same, how surprising, how grateful, it’s love

There’s no one like you, even if I look around it’s just like that, where else to look for?
A good person like you, a good person like you, with a good heart like you, a gift as great as you
How lucky that I’m the person who will try his hard to protect you, where else to look for?
A happy guy like me, a happy guy like me, the guy with the happiest smile like me

Taken from the refrain – this song is your typical, super-sweet love note. Watch the video if you haven’t already: cavity-inducing gestures of love. Seriously. You’ll need a dental visit after.

Suggested scenes: Put this on repeat for your characters’ love confessions, marriage proposals, or any scene where a character does something nice or romantic for another. Moments of pure frolicking happiness between two love-birds. Maybe not so much for crushes, but definitely for deep-seated aches of real love between couples with longevity.

One last batch of lyrics, the mini light-rap section:

You know, I’m a little bit shy sometimes, you don’t know but you’re burning like the sun, please understand my feelings
Even those girls that appears on TV shows are sparkling, you’ll always be the one in my eyes (I’m going crazy crazy Baby)
Hearing you tell me that you love me, I have everything in this world, You & I, You’re so fine, is there no one like you?
I love you Oh, please know it, to me there’s only you, that I see you as my everything


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