fountainI’m a ninja. At least, that’s what I’ve been told.

I’m also a graphic designer by day, YA novelist and video gamer by night.

If I’m not doing things the things already mentioned, I’m dancing or playing with my adorable kitty, Jaden. I also love all things Japanese and Korean, especially anime and K-Pop. My boyfriend tells me I’m more Asian than he is, and he’s full-blooded Korean.

I ignored the call for most of my life.

As a child and teenager, I wrote poetry. A lot of it. It was my release as a middle child in a complex family of nine kids divided between two houses. I never took that as a hint that I should be a writer. Nor my obsessions with Edgar Allan Poe and Harry Potter. Nor being excited for English projects and acing them. Nor my incessant grammar policing in my circle of friends. Nor my mom’s nagging that I should be an English teacher. Nor the numerous journals I wrote in and kept. Nor the waves of stories I created in my head or the number of books I devoured.


I told you she was adorable.

In fact, I was a senior at Syracuse University in the Advertising Design program when the call bit me. I took a mandatory writing 101 elective class. In the last week of school, my professor sat me down with my 26-page paper on what it truly means to eat heathy. She told me my paper was exceptional. Then she handed me the Writing Program brochure and said “I really think you should be a writer.”

Why didn’t I think of that before? I always took on the Copywriter role in our Advertising groups. The week prior, I was asked by my Illustration History professor if he could keep my final paper, even though I had written it hastily the night before during a fallout with an ex-boyfriend.

The lightbulbs and fireworks exploded. Less than a year later, I began my first YA novel.


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