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Embrace your weirdness

Fifi_3dArtists, designers, writers – us creative, right-brained folk are weird. I’m weird. I admit it, and I love it. And I love rolling in mutual proverbial weirdness with other nerds like myself. We were cut from a different mold, a mold of limitless structure, things to obsess over, and worlds to escape to. So, fellow nerds, I have a fun story for you. I was caught at work being weird. Super embarrassing, totally, but it was a thing that happened.

To start with, I am the one who most visitors passing through the office would say “has the cool office.” There’s nine offices in our corner of the building, and pretty much everyone has the standard family photos, corporate swag, and the houseplant or two. One of the data entry clerks has a movie poster, but that’s as crazy as they get. Not me. I have wall to wall Anime scrolls (Ouran High School Host Club x2, Soul Eater, and Naruto). I have two more Naruto posters, a WoW poster, Magic the Gathering Angel portraits, a giant typography map of the globe (with a heart around Japan and South Korea <3) and a World of Warcraft stand-up dragon that’s taller than me. And then the toys! I’ve got Legos on my filing cabinet, action figures sprawled across my desk (including my ninja above, and yes, I made her) and various Japanese knick-knacks all over the place. Everyone stops in my office to see what I do. I’m the graphic designer. “Of course you are,” they always say.

So, to the story. Every Thursday morning meeting, seven of us sit around a table. Whenever my mind starts to wander, the first thing I do is notice what color everyone is wearing. Okay, not that weird, right? It gets worse. I then start ordering everyone in my head on a chromatic scale. For instance, my big boss is wearing a blue shirt and blue tie. He should sit next to my boss #1 who is wearing a blue shirt and red tie. I should sit next to him, because I’m wearing a red top and black sweater. And then my boss #3 would be next to me, because he’s wearing a black shirt. Yes. Crazy.

Well, yesterday, my bosses were in a lengthy conversation about the floor remodel at one of the stores with the facilities manager, and my mind started to wander. So, I started my color habit. All of a sudden, my boss #3 says “Felicia, what are you doing? Your head is just quickly darting from person to person.” I immediately turned bright red and confessed. “I was observing the colors everyone’s wearing. Three of you are wearing blue, and the only two girls at the table are wearing red.” That’s all I could confess to.

What got me was that yes, they laughed, but they did not seem shocked. Not the slightest. I mean, no, I didn’t tell them the full weirdness going on in my head, that I should be sitting between boss #1 and boss #3 for color continuity. Honestly, I think they appreciate my weirdness, because it makes the day fun. If you have fun at work, well, you’re not really working. I also think it’s because they, too, have a little bit of weird in them as well. Trust me, I spend half of my meetings in stitches with what boss #1 and #3 blurt out on a constant basis. In all practicality, I could write a sitcom called “My Four Bosses.” Really, I do have four bosses. And they are awesome.

So yeah, embrace your weirdness. It makes people smile. Smile means happy, and happy means a better outlook and a better world. Embrace it!


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bad design in nerd world

Here are a few things that caught my eye over the last few months. Both of which I posted on facebook.

Seriously Blizzard? A world famous company and your designers do this?
I thought kerning was Design 101!

And I know Game Informer was doing a 1921 “edition” of their magazine for the release of Bioshock 3, but that is still no excuse for disregarding margins and destroying words with tracking! and floating, centered typography…. @_@

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