For your enjoyment, here are some of my favorite design projects that I’ve done that really showcase what I love in life.

Manipura Confections


Comic Con Print Ad

Screen shot 2013-10-25 at 10.44.07 PM

I won an award in college for this project, a full campaign on women who are closet nerds and getting them  to Comic Con. This is the first time I wrote copy for an ad, and the I knew the writing bug had bitten me already.

“Most girls see another designer ad for perfume or clothes, but not you. You saw the force and the Leia buns, and you knew. For that, we applaud you. Your looks may say supermodel, but all those sci-fi shows on the DVR and the fantasy novel in your bag makes you one of us.

“This summer, venture to the California coast for shopping and sun-bathing. Then join us at Comic Con 2011 for four days of celebrity panels, movie showings, gaming tournaments, and more fun than a pedicure with your BFFs. Did we mention there’s guys? Lots of them. About two for every girl. So go ahead and have Batman on one arm and Rambo on the other. We won’t tell your boyfriend. We promise.”


Edgar Allan Poe


My all-time literary hero. The top piece is inspired by the Raven, and I completed it as a class assignment. The bottom, I did after college during my Criminal Minds phase. Yeah, that’s a self portrait of me as Annabel Lee with Spencer Reid (aka Matthew Gray Gubler). He’s a Poe fan too.


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