Title: Quarter Turn
NA Contemporary Fiction
77,000 words
Status: CP Editing

Twenty-five-year-old gamer nerd Avrielle Lockheart knows the logical steps to full-fledged adulthood. Obey your parents, work hard, graduate college, snag the first rung in the corporate ladder, and move out. She gave up her first love, dance, for this surefire path. Two years after graduation, Avi’s still living at home as the rejection notices continue to pile up. She’s a deli manager at a grocery store and not making enough to cover the soul-sucking college loans. Someone needs to take a chance on her, and she never expected it to be her best friend, Jake, and a group of South Korean pop stars.

Jake has battled leukemia three times since Avi’s known him. Tired of watching her struggle, Jake enters Avi into a dance contest to appear in the new music video for Korean pop group nLIGHTn. When she wins, she’s guilted into taking a six-month adventure in South Korea, costing not only her careful plans, but her comfort zone as well.

BonGae Entertainment’s reigning kings of K-pop, nLIGHTN, is gearing up for another comeback. This time, their CEO is raising the stakes. To renew their contracts at the end of their comeback, they will need to beat the new rookie group in a live showdown.

When Avi’s world collides with the boys of nLIGHTn, sparks fly as she finds herself within the group’s cracks. This comeback could prove to be the flame that re-ignites nLIGHTN’s career or sends the group up in smoke. And Avi with it.

Quarter Turn follows Avi through her anxiety-ridden adventures out of her comfort zone and stringent plans as she learns what it really means to start life. It is based on my own life experiences in struggling to find that first job in my career field, gnawing anxiety, and losing a best friend to cancer at the age of 24.



Title: The Scales on our Eyes
YA Fantasy
56,000 words
First in a series

Sixteen-year-old wallflower Leila Oshiro didn’t expect her scholarship into the gifted program at Fox Academy to mean she has latent supernatural abilities. Nor did she expect to draw the attention of the principal’s adopted son, Hazel Young, a gifted student bent on making her life miserable. When she discovers the truth about the school and Hazel’s ties to her missing father, she will have to piece together the secrets of a centuries-old guild to do what her father could not: save Hazel from certain death. Trouble is, he doesn’t want to be saved.




Title: The Diary of a Broken Heart
A collection of my poetry from 7th-12th grade
Self Published on Lulu.com


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